You’ve probably heard someone say, “I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.” That phrase has a host of connotations, but certainly it includes the desire to feel confident and pleased with the way you look. Exactly what looking your best entails varies for everyone because time and stress affect people’s physical appearances differently.

Some people want dramatic changes that strip years away by removing wrinkles, smoothing brows, or firming eyes. Others long to remove fat that has been stubbornly hanging around for years. Still others want to lighten the purplish marks of spider veins. Whatever people want, they usually don’t want the dangerous complications of unnecessary invasive surgery or the resulting artificial “Hollywood look” that screams “I’ve had procedures done.” Instead, men and women alike yearn for a natural, refreshed, rejuvenated version of themselves. Life has a way of obscuring what we envision as “the true me.” People want to rediscover that authentic truth.

Since 2007, True Med Spa has been a place for that kind of renewal, and its pleased patients are great in number and enthusiastic in their praise. Dr. Adam Parker and his team recover and reveal clients’ authentic beauty safely and conveniently. Whether it’s body contouring, Botox® and other fillers, smart liposuction, or chemical peels, the team has mastered techniques that are subtle, non-invasive, and non-surgical, thereby eliminating the complications of surgery or even stitches and minimizing recovery time to mere minutes or hours.

Recently, True Med Spa has expanded its offerings to include a full-service health spa, complete with a hair and nail salon, massages, facials, and hair, nail, and skin care products. Feeling truly beautiful requires attention to these details, too. So now, the well-known and respected clinic is a complete home for beauty in all its aspects, and to indicate its expansive and comprehensive nature, the clinic’s name has changed to the more inclusive True Med HaSpa.

The new TrueMedSpa is in an upscale, contemporary 7400 square-foot building on picturesque Southfork Drive in south Lakeland. The building itself is visually stunning with its chic, aroma-filled elegance and upscale furniture and design touches. The spa’s logo, a swan representing the transformation to beauty, is prominently displayed everywhere, including in a striking fountain wall that crowns the impressive interior. The logo reminds all patrons—whether there for medical treatments or for salon services—of TrueMedSpa’s mission: revealing the true natural beauty within each client.

It’s hard to believe that such a comprehensive gathering of sophisticated services is available in Lakeland. Extensive research and visits to spas throughout South Florida and New York crystallized the vision for a one-stop oasis of high-quality beauty products and top professional providers. Despite its far-away inspirations, the reality exists right here in Polk County, all treatments and services provided under one roof, welcoming and accessible to all.

Lisa Birket, TrueMedSpa’s director, and her team overlook no detail to make clients comfortable and imminently satisfied with both the experience and the results of their visits. Assistant Director Tiffany Nicolussi explained that the lovely physical atmosphere and superior medical care are complemented by the positive vibe of the 32 members of the TrueMedSpa team, whose focus is on providing seamless team service. Clients can be at ease knowing that whatever their beauty needs are at any given time, they are in the right place and will receive informed, collaborative attention and care.

Patients have long appreciated the sophisticated science behind TrueMedSpa’s medical treatments. Decades of research have gone into perfecting the use of Botox® to address the signs of aging by relaxing the muscles and soften wrinkles, and Kybella® to firm sagging jowls. As a clinic having attained the coveted diamond status with Allergan Injectables, TrueMedSpa patients using fillers can rest assured of having the highest quality product. Modern treatments involving platelet rich plasma allow a patient’s own plasma to be used to decrease the look of lines and wrinkles, and targeted lasers ensure a more rested, youthful, natural look. These kinds of treatments are obviously the tangible results of entire branches of scientific and medical research. Similarly, patients readily see and are reassured by the cutting-edge technology inherent in CoolSculpting® and SmartLipoTM and the New Whole-body Cryotherapy chamber, which can positively impact a variety of conditions with its reduction of body inflammation through safe exposure to sub-zero temperatures.

What clients are also discovering at TrueMedSpa is that there is real science behind its new spa offerings as well. Hair coloring and texturing, eyelash extensions, micro-blading, facials, permanent makeup, and even basic skincare are all sophisticated matters too often sidelined as unimportant. One size does not fit all, and products do not work the same on everyone. TrueMedSpa is the flagship of Skinceuticals® , a prestigious pharmaceutical-driven line of products focused on obtaining tangible results, and since TrueMedSpa directors serve on international regulatory boards, its team has access to constant continuing education and can thus guide patrons about the most effective use of these high-quality products. No TrueMedSpa client need feel ignorant about skin care or other type of beauty enhancement.

Hair is a major part of one’s appearance, and in addition to conditioning and styling hair, TrueMedSpa can help with either increasing or removing it. Massage manipulation and scalp micropigmentation (basically tattooing the scalp amidst existing hair) can dramatically increase either the reality or the perception of volume. Meanwhile, TrueMedSpa can safely and quickly remove unwanted hair through laser hair removal for all skin types.

At TrueMedSpa, there are now even more ways to reveal the beauty that is the “true you.”


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