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You’ve fallen off the ladder or strained your back or those hours of sitting hunched over a laptop or driving miles on end have caught up to you. Or you have a chronic condition that has plagued you for years. As pleasant as the waft of aromatherapy and soft lighting are, a cookie-cutter relaxation massage isn’t what you need. When you have acute or chronic physical pain, you need personalized attention, focused advice, and real results. That’s the specialty of Massage by TJ. Yes, TJ can give you a wonderful relaxation massage when you want to be pampered, but it’s TJ’s attention to detail
that gives her the insight to ensure you actually leave in better health than when you entered.

A graduate of Sarasota School of Massage Therapy, TJ has been in practice for over 17 years and is certified in a number of therapies. Trained in Neuromuscular Therapy, she works trigger points and manipulates muscles that often go unaddressed in standard massages. TJ observes how you stand and how you lie on the table, pinpointing areas of weakness and sensitivity. When working on members of the same family, she can spot hereditary tendencies and take preventative measures.

Is your problem a mystery? Do you have pain but cannot figure out what is causing it? TJ helps identify causes you would never think of — things that may easily be changed — like a broken office chair causing hip misalignment or the placement of a truck’s console creating knee issues.

Many clients benefit from Active Isolated Stretching, which allows the body to repair itself and can increase joint elasticity. TJ is also certified in Reiki, which, similar to acupuncture, uses natural energy to accelerate healing and reduce pain, stress and anxiety. She also uses Myofascial Release in her therapeutic massages.

Most of all, TJ wants her clients to feel empowered by information and helped by results. She allows extra time to answer questions and discuss the progress of treatment strategy. The bottom line at Massage by TJ is getting results.

Massage by TJ
2524 S Florida Ave, Lakeland 33803

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